See the message button in the left menu?  Say hi! 

See the message button in the left menu?  Say hi! 

The last couple days have flown by, and we are finally officially on our way.  Stoke is high!! There is some connectivity at basecamp and potentially up to Camp Canada or even Nido (all the relevant topos and our timeline on the mountain can be found here), so I hope to be able to share a few shorter blog updates with you from along the way.  At the same time, you can now check our progress on the map via live GPS.

And what's particularly awesome about the GPS: not only can you see where we are, you can also send us messages! Just go to the menu bar on the left of the map, and hit the 'message' button; we've got an unlimited message subscription from DeLorme and there is no cost to you - feel free to say hi or send encouragement any time :)

Another way to get more regular updates is via my Instagram - our expedition manager aka my wonderful boyfriend Paul will post photos as well as notes on team progress there while we are in GPS-only zones on the mountain. 

Notes about GPS communication: be aware that we can only download new messages or send location updates while our inReach GPS is powered and has a clear view of the sky, so don't worry (hi mom, I'm looking at you!) if there are gaps in communication or if you don't see us moving on the map.  I'm planning to carry the GPS whenever we are out hiking, but will keep it powered off while at camp.  

It's always fun to see a bunch of new inbound messages when you hit the 'on' button in the morning - don't let the time lag between sending and receiving messages stop you from writing to us!