We greeted the New Year from basecamp Plaza de Mulas at 14,300ft. All of us are showing some symptoms of altitude (as is to be expected after a rapid gain in elevation and a few long days), ranging from a racing heart and shortness of breath to headaches and a bit of nausea.  Today is a full-on rest day though, which will help with acclimatization.  Tomorrow we will carry a load up to Canada - Camp I at ~16,300ft - but then return to basecamp for another night in relative comfort:  we are sleeping in dormitory bunk beds rather than tents down here, and get to enjoy the luxury of proper food - including BBQ for New Year’s Eve yesterday. 

The weather has been quite nasty over the last two days - cold with lots of snow showers - but the forecast is now calling for clear and sunny skies for the next week.  Stoke is high.  

And with that... feliz años from basecamp!  

(Sadly the wifi here is currently to slow to allow for images to upload, but I'll try to put some on Facebook/Instagram via mobile data.)