This past weekend, I had the privilege of joining forces with this lady crusher on Mt Shasta as her first 14er as well as mission prep for our girls’ expedition to Aconcagua this coming December/January. 

A few years ago Shasta also was my first 14er in the US.  I already had a 20000ft summit in Nepal under my belt by then, yet Shasta felt like my first 'full value' alpine experience: I was finally climbing with friends rather than with a guide, in contrast to the Island Peak summit that I owe to Mingma Sherpa of Outdoor Himalayan Treks.  

At this point, climbing on Shasta is a bit like coming home and yet... I still remember how exciting the climb felt when I was just stepping into the mountaineering world.  With those memories fresh in mind, what a joy it was to share the same thrill and wonder with a friend who is still at the beginning of tracing her own path in the mountains.  It’s humbling and exciting for me to see a young woman push beyond her comfort zone and overcome physical and emotional exhaustion to go after her dreams. Way to go Teresa!!!