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Live tracking available anytime Sunny and team/partner are in the mountains

Take a look at the map below to follow us on the mountain real-time via our DeLorme inReach Messenger.  We'll send GPS breadcrumbs while we're moving to give you an idea of where we're hanging out.  Once a summit bid is under way you can expect more frequent updates and follow the attempt in near real-time. 

And: you can send us text messages, too! Click on the 'message' button (upper left next to the map below) and type away.  Just like a regular text message, no special charges apply on either end - we've got an unlimited message subscription through Garmin.  

Notes about GPS communication: be aware that we can only download new messages or send location updates while our inReach GPS is powered and has a clear view of the sky, so don't worry if there are gaps in communication or if you don't see us moving on the map.  I'm planning to carry the GPS whenever we are out hiking, but will keep it powered off while at camp.  

It's always fun to see a bunch of new inbound messages when you hit the 'on' button in the morning - don't let the time lag between sending and receiving messages stop you from writing to us!

You can also access a larger version of the map at


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