Sunny Stroeer

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‘Working with Sunny is a pleasure. Her strategic mindset and creative output are a winning combination. She’s been able to add value to each project through her unique point of view as a mountain athlete, strategic thinker, and content creator. Her pro-active approach to projects and on-time delivery of assets and feedback have been greatly appreciated.’ - Matt B., Marketing Director, Mountain Hardwear

'Working with Sunny on our VR film was an absolute pleasure.  Not only was she the star of the film itself, but she went out of our way to help the team prepare for the arduous task of filming in the Swiss Alps by going out scouting the possible routes and taking pictures of potential locations.  Her knowledge of the natural surroundings, the kit and equipment that we would need, and the challenges we might face were second to none and contributed significantly not only to the success of the shoot, but also to making the whole experience enjoyable for the crew on location.  As a director, I found Sunny to be collaborative, open and honest, but also willing to take direction and push herself in order to provide us with the material we needed to make a great film.' - Darren E., Director, VR City

'Sunny is great to work with. Always brilliantly prepared and easy to talk to. She took us on a hike for a VR film and was amazing in making sure that our crew is alright even though we filmed her. Would always work with her again!' - Kristina N., Producer, VR City

'It was such a pleasure to meet you and appreciate you coming out to our weekend in Moab. You really brought so much inspiration to the event, and especially with your story you shared around the fire.' - Jenn K., Co-Founder, AndShesDopeToo

'Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story (and badass outlook on life!). You are a huge inspiration!!' - Michelle H., Rendezvous Participant, AndShesDopeToo

'(Sunny's) commitment to doing things right is extraordinary. Her quality bar is extremely high and she does whatever it takes to deliver against it.  She is also very unselfish. She cares about her team and does everything in her power to help them succeed.'  - Partner, Bain & Company 


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