We're getting married



We're getting married



Paul and Sunny are getting married!

Are you joining us for our special day?
And are you bringing a plus one?

Welcome to the anti-wedding…

Just kidding - but not really! Come celebrate with us the fact that we have decided to stay weird together for the rest of our lives. There won’t be cake, or a dance floor, or electricity or plumbing for that matter… but there’ll be a bonfire, the most beautiful views, lots of fresh desert air and minimal cell coverage.

Mark your calendars! And book your travel to the middle of nowhere, Utah.

April 6-7 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)


Scroll down for all you could possibly want to know.

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Muley Point: WAY out there and super beautiful.
Click the button below to open this location in Google Maps.

By the way - in case you missed the whole heart attack engagement story, you can find it right here.



Celebration Logistics


Celebration Logistics


This is a true dirtbag wedding. The venue that we have chosen is far out there and has zero facilities - no water, no outhouses, minimal to no cell phone coverage, and not a single building. But it is in a spectacular location, and accessible by regular 2WD (the last ~4 miles are off pavement on a dirt road, which is usually in very good shape).

The closest major international airport is Salt Lake City six hours away.
Flagstaff and Grand Junction airports are ~4hrs by car; the regional airport in Moab is 2.5hrs away.
If you are going to fly in and hope to find a carpool / airport pickup, please let us know.

There is free dispersed camping at Muley Point; it’s a beautiful spot to sleep under the stars, and camper vans or RVs are equally welcome! If camping really isn’t your thing, there are a few hotel options within an hour drive from Muley Point.

You may wonder… why so far out? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself when you get there. That said, Muley Point is a stone’s throw away from Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods; Moab isn’t too far away, meaning you can easily access Arches, Canyonlands, Natural Bridges and a gaggle of other desert destinations. Grand Gulch and Cedar Mesa are even closer. In other words: if you’re on the fence if you should make the trip just for a little desert ceremony - tag on two or three days and use our celebration as an excuse to go exploring some of the most spectacular scenery in the country.

Overnight arrangements



Bring your own or rent a fully tricked-out van from an outfit like Native Campervans or their various competitors.
Not the cheapest option, but great fun and — in our opinion — one of the best ways to travel the deserts of the American Southwest.

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Traditional camping

If you’re planning on road tripping to Muley Point in a regular passenger car, this may be your ticket.
We own plenty of spare camping gear if you are in need of a sleeping bag or pad or a tent - just let us know ahead of time to make sure we have what you need!

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Hotel options

We’d love to have you sleep out with us but also understand if it’s not your cup of tea. For a more sophisticated country getaway, check out the Desert Rose Inn in Bluff (~1hr away). Mexican Hat is closer (~30 minutes) but a tiny hamlet with limited services; the Hat Rock Inn can be an overnight option there.


What to expect


The celebration

As you may have realized by now, this will be a casual affair. We will exchange vows on Saturday afternoon (please make an effort to arrive no later than 4pm, though you’re also welcome earlier in the day - we’ll be there!) and enjoy the sunset with food and libations.

As it gets dark there’ll be a bonfire with lots of opportunities to tell stories, watch the stars, drink whiskey, and make memories in an unforgettable setting.

And if you stay the night, we’ll have coffee and snibbles in the morning.


Weather & attire

Sunrise/sunset - 7am/7:45pm
Avg April high/low temp: 70*F/40*F

We expect pleasant temps during the day and crisp cold at night. Please bring layers and a warm jacket!

Dress code: Dirtbag Fancy. We’ll make an effort to look nice but we’ll also be lounging in camp chairs and walking on slickrock and dirt. No killer heels, ties or cuff links required… think more in the direction of a nice shirt and khakis, boho chic dresses etc.


Stuff to bring

Please don’t bring gifts - you being there with us is enough of a present! If you can’t stand the idea of showing up empty-handed, bring your favorite libation for us to enjoy together.

More importantly: we will be in the backcountry and dry camping. In addition to your personal overnight / camping gear, please make sure to bring water (1-2 gallons per person per day). Should you be in a position to bring camp chairs and/or the occasional spare blanket to use around the campfire, please do so as well. We’ll have food for Saturday evening and Sunday morning, but please bring any snacks or sustenance that you may want outside of those two meals.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you! If things are clear as mud, or there’s a question that we didn’t pre-empt (like say, the whole bathroom situation: the answer is yes, we’ll be pooping in the bushes) - text or email one of us. And please don’t forget to ***RSVP above*** if you haven’t already done so! Hope to see ya at Muley Point in April…